Mission & Objectives


Promote and support research, innovation and education in order to develop and implement solutions meant to transform Bucharest into a smart city.

What we offer

  • Knowledge sharing – creating a dynamic network of partners that actively interact and build a pool of information crucial to their development
  • Increased networking opportunities – facilitate networking and increase opportunities for collaboration within our network of partners
  • Innovation through cooperation – create and build products and projects within our network
  • Enhanced location advantage – increase international awareness for Romania as a reliable source of sustainable and quality IT services and products.

Main objectives

  • To sustain the initiatives that creates solutions for adding Bucharest on the list of the smart cities;
  • Promote knowledge sharing between the academic and the private sector;
  • To create collaboration opportunities between Cluster members and its network of partners.

Secondary objectives

  • Encouraging industry development, innovation and positioning Bucuresti-Muntenia region as a leading competent IT location;
  • Formation and development of a functional network between SMEs, academia, research institutions, policy and business;
  • To increase the number of software specialists in a market with high demands;
  • To help the international market acknowledge Romania as a reliable source of sustainable and qualitative IT products and services.
  • Enabling member companies to become more visible and in turn, to grow
  • Capitalize on IT&C regional competencies and representing them at national, European and international level.