Though they like to consider themselves a „Java Shop”, eSolutions Grup team is highly specialised in a vast range of technologies and have developed various projects that include: mobile apps development, back-end services, graphic/design services, software architecture, database migration (ex: porting from Windows platform to Linux or OracleDB andMySQl on EnterpriseDB).

eSolutions expertise is thus comprised of:

  • Programming
  • Scripting languages
  • Databases
  • Reporting
  • Web & XML

For more on their services, please access or contact them directly using the data below:

Address: 8-10 Calea Grivitei St., District 1, Bucharest

Phone: (+40)021-312.55.15


Since 2007 Evolva Trend Consultant is providing consulting services for developing businesses and project management both for companies in the private sector and those in the public sector. The added value it provides lies in the exceptional training of its consultants and the vast experience it has acquired in its 7 years and over 100 investment projects prepared for various fields (public authority related, hotels, vegetable and animal farms, purchase of agricultural equipments, training centers, purchase of IT&C equipment etc).

Evolva’s expertise consists of:

  • Management consulting;
  • Support for all ongoing projects that are financed through European Union funding;
  • Preparation of the funding application file (preparation of funding proposal, business plan, feasibility study, annexes for funding proposal, preparation of the funding file, participation in project submission, participation in onsite visits of experts that evaluate the project, screening and providing answers in response to requests for additional information from the assessors);
  • Project management support (preparation of the acquisition, preparation of files for cash advance and those for reimbursement, preparation of files for additional documents and notifications for financing contract, preparation of progress reports, coordination of promotion and advertising campaigns, provision of on-the-spot consultancy on request).

For more on their services, please access or contact them directly using the data below:

Address: 35 Agricultori St., Bucharest

Phone: (+40)0757-085.281; (+40)0757-085.280

Fax: (+40)021-315.90.06


Founded in 2005 by a core group of Silicon Valley technologists, Gemini Solutions is dedicated to delivering world-class software product development services. The company’s founders understood that too many companies, both startups and mature organizations, were frustrated and disappointed with the traditional outsourcing model. Technology organizations wanted higher caliber technical capability, a broader range of expertise, better collaboration and communication, and greater agility than traditional outsourcers could provide. They sought partners that could act as extensions of their in-house teams, technical experts who would listen and proactively contribute. Gemini Solutions built out its Romania-based technical organization to address this unmet need. Unlike conventional outsourcing, Gemini Solutions’ approach focuses on building great products, utilizing skilled talent, collaborative product development, and long-term partnerships.

Today, Gemini Solutions has over 100 software engineers in Romania covering a broad spectrum of technologies across the entire software product development lifecycle. Gemini Solutions technical teams are recognized not only for their fast-paced development, but also for their product development discipline. Gemini Solutions’ unique blend of creativity, agility, discipline, and technical excellence engenders successful and enduring partnerships.

Gemini’s experties lies on:

Product Definition

  • Develop requirements
  • Competitive analysis
  • Business case studies

Technology Strategy

  • Evaluate and recommend technology
  • Recommend technology solutions
  • Develop product architecture

End-to-End Product Development

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Quality engineering
  • Systems engineering
  • Deployment.

For more on their services, please access or contact them directly using the data below:

Address: 155 Calea Victoriei St., District 1, Bl. D1, Tr. 6, floor 4

Phone: (+40)-021.311.95.09

Fax: (+40)-021.311.95.77

Though a young firm on paper, LASPER benefits from the extended experience of its staff in technical and informal training: 10 years of designing and improving software development processes; 5 years of experience in leadership coaching & team coaching; 20 years of experience in software development industry; 10 years of experience in various top management positions.

LASPER’s expertise includes:

  • Leadership development
    • 1:1 Leadership coaching
    • Leadership Training Track for middle & top management: Leadership Theories, Emotional Intelligence, Motivation, Persuasion, Conflict Management
  • Increasing team cohesion & performance
    • Human Synergistics GSI-based training
    • Follow-up: Team coaching
  • Rolling out software development processes to agile
    • Training: Agile Processes
    • Follow-up: Team coaching

If integrated solutions and certified professionals is what you want, then Power Net is the answer.

In its 15 years on the market, Power Net Consulting has become one of the leading IT systems integrators focused on Romanian IT&C market. Power Net provides services for a wide range of client profiles, from SMEs to large industry and institutions in the public sector.

Their expertise includes:

  • Planning and implementing IT strategies for organizations operating in the oil & gas industry, manufacturers, the banking sector, the public sector
  • Consulting and implementing scalable and complex integrated systems, tailored to suit customer’s needs
  • Designing, implementing and ensuring the security and maintenance of IT networks
  • Customized solutions for eBusiness concept implementation.

For more on their services, please access or contact them directly using the data below:

Phone: +4021-201.94.81

Fax: +4021-212.39.34


Address: Futura Office Building, Mihai Eminescu Street, no.238, district 2, Bucharest– 020085

QUALITANCE develops revolutionary digital solutions that leverage next generation technologies – AI, blockchain, machine learning, IoT, AR, VR, bringing to life amazing user experiences.

Our offices are in Bucharest, San Francisco, and Sydney and we work with large companies, such as Virgin, GE, IKEA, Deutsche Telekom, to help them develop revolutionary new products and services that leverage next-generation technologies.

The company was founded in 2007 and in 2016 has acquired LaunchPodium, the San Francisco experience design company founded by Mike Parsons, who previously served as managing director at 215 McCann in San Francisco. Following the acquisition, Mike joined QUALITANCE as managing partner.

Our board of advisors gathers Tom Chi, the cofounder of Google[x], Robert Neivert – Venture Partner at 500Startups and Radu Cautis – founding partner of Medical Technology Venture Partners.

QUALITANCE has been included in the prestigious ranks of Financial Times 1000 in 2017 and 2018, Deloitte Technology Fast 50, Inc.5000 Europe, and recognized as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe.

eGrowth Award at 2018 eFinance Gala.
Youngest Romanian Brand in Silicon Valley at 2017 Wall Street Gala.
Company of the Year at ANIS Gala 2017.

For more on their services, please access or contact them directly using the data below:

Bucharest, Romania Office

Address: 2 Dr. Staicovici Street, Opera Center building 2, floors 7-8, Bucharest, 050556, Romania

Phone: +40-372 944 741, +40-372 872 169


San Francisco, California

Address: 325 Sharon Park Drive – Unit 810, Menlo Park, CA 94025, United States

Phone: (650) 681-9014


Sydney, Australia

Address: 2/5 George St, North Strathfield

Phone: +61 (280) 066 716


Rezolv IT has become in its 10 years of existence of “single point of contact” in IT and a true ” personal assistant ” for all IT needs of companies. Rezolv IT operates on a flexible subscription model and an organizational culture based on providing solutions to prevent problems rather than correct them.

RezolvIT’s expertise includes:

  • Technical audit and security audit ;
  • IT equipment rental ( IAAS , computers, printers , testing servers ) ;
  • Helpdesk and ServiceDesk;
  • IT maintenance / IT outsourcing ;
  • IT Consulting – selling hardware and software licensing;
  • Site hosting – dedicated and shared , VPS , VDS , colocation datacenter ;
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Linux and Windows servers ;
  • Development of websites and web based applications;
  • SEO , PPC and Online Marketing

To learn more about the services provided by Rezolv IT, please visit , or contact us directly by phone 031.432.8681 / 0730.00.4444 or write to us at .


Address: 223 Mihai Bravu St., floor 3, Optinova building, district 3, Bucharest

Phone: +40-031.432.8681



Phone: +40-031.432.86.81


Tehnic 031.432.8680


Phone: +40-0720.053.022

Fax: +40-031.816.29.29

A software consultancy company that provides custom software development, website and online publishing solutions, Tremend successfully delivered, in over 8 years of activity, dozens of projects, from analysis to maintenance. Due to this Tremend has now a consolidated pool of customers who value the long term relationships established with the company.

High standards of work, individual skill development and interesting technical challenges is what holds together and attracts new people to Tremend’s team. This includes specialists trained in the best educational institutions in Romania, with internationally acknowledged results, specialized in large national and multinational software companies.

Tremend’s areas of expertise include highly specialized solutions for mobile operators, wireless router programming, software applications for Bluetooth, Skype voice tagging, applications for the iPhone and development of customized software on specific operational flows.

For more on their services, please access or contact them directly using the data below:

Tremend Software Consulting S.R.L

Bucharest Headquarters

Address: 3 Gheorghe Manu, 4th floor, 1st District, Bucharest, Romania, 010442

Phone/Fax: +4021-223.77.00


United Kingdom Agency Branch

Address: 27 Pentlands Court, Cambridge CB4 1JN

Phone: +44 1223 301 779


US Business Development Manager

Bob Pascazio

Address: 324 Pearl Street 3E, New York, 10038

Phone/Fax: +1 646.820.9430 / +1 646.537.2670


Switzerland and Germany Sales Reprezentative

Andrej Poljanc

Address: Dorfstrasse 31, 8155 Zurich-Niederhasli

Phone: +41 (0) 44 734 44 24

For more information, please access or contact them directly using the data below:

Address: Ion N. Angelescu Building, Romana Square, no. 6, District 1, Bucharest, Romania

Phone: (+40) 21 319.19.00; (+40) 21 319.19.01 int 132


Wolters Kluwer enables legal, tax, finance, and healthcare professionals to be more effective and efficient. We provide information, software, and services that deliver vital insights, smart tools, and the guidance of subject-matter experts – everything integrated.

 We create value by combining information, deep expertise, and technology to provide customers with solutions that improve their quality and effectiveness. Professionals turn to us when they need actionable information to better serve their clients.

 Our 175+ years of history stretch across many geographies and areas of expertise.

Our strategy concentrates on:

  • Expand our leading, high growth positions.
  • Deliver solutions and insights. We are investing in mobile applications, cloud-based services and integrated solutions. Product investment, including capital expenditure, is expected to remain approximately 8-10% of revenues in coming years.
  • Drive efficiencies. By connecting and automate events and actions between professionals in the same city, country or worldwide.
  • Increasing Customer Value. We develop together with our customers new ways of building bridges between them and their partners

For more on their services, please access or contact them directly using the data below:

Address: 22 Tudor Vladimirescu Blvd., Green Gate Building, 6th floor, District 5, Bucharest, Romania

Phone: (+40) 31 22 44 110


For more information, please access or contact them directly using the data below:

Address: 122-125 Lacul Tei Blvd., District 2, Bucharest, Romania

Phone: (+40) 21 242.12.08


Fullscreen Digital is a Data-driven Solutions company.

Our services inlcude digital marketing and software development, our main target being helping brands to achieve innovative digital experiences. Our services are delivering web platforms and mobile applications integrated in muti-device and multi-product ecosystems that augment the overall user experience.

Our main product is Footprints, a SaaS Retail Analytics and Cusomer

Engagement platform that unifies and integrates Wi-Fi, BLE, web, mobile and digital signage technologies with the purpose of presence detection and visitor dynamics analysis, consumer progressive profiling and multi-channel targeted messaging.

More about us is available at:




Vlad Bomboe
Phone: +40 722 733 004

Sorry, this entry is only available in RO.

The 3rd District is an administrative-territorial subunit of Bucharest which covers an area of 35 km2, from downtown to the east side of the city. It is the most populous area of the Capital, having more than 460.000 inhabitants.

In terms of economic development, the 3rd District illustrates a dynamic activity and a trend towards a sustainable economical regeneration. Though the key economic activities in the 3rd District are commercial, there are 3 areas that stand out as having a high growth potential: IT&C, real estate and creative industries.

Since 2012, the 3rd District Municipality has concentrated its efforts towards:

1. The increase of quality of housing and the increase of urban comfort
2. Investments in education and digital education
3. Investments into the development of e-governance
4. Creating a better relation with the business community and academia


Address: Calea Dudeşti 191, Bucuresti, Sector 3, Romania.

Phone: 021.318.03.23/28

Fax: 021.318.03.04


Address: Str. Chiristigiilor, 11-13