Planning and implementing IT strategies

Combining the work of certified hardware architects and project managers we offer consultancy on and implementation of scalable and complex integrated systems, tailored to suit customer’s needs. We also design, implement and ensure the security and maintenance of IT networks. The solutions we offer stand in these categories:

  • Security access systems for applications, internet traffic and email;
  • Alert and monitoring systems for critical events on the servers of the IT infrastructures, solutions for network forensics;
  • Solutions for identity management integrated with existing solutions (Active Directory, LDAP);
  • Hardware solutions for protecting and monitoring the internet traffic and email;
  • Hardware solutions for backup, recovery and storage of data in the IT network (NAS, SAN storage systems, tape library, datacenters, mobile infrastructures solutions for datacenter); backup and recovery of data in the IT network (documents, system state, data base, Exchange servers, Linux servers, complete images for servers – disaster recovery, etc.);
  • Customized solutions for eBusiness concept implementation;
  • Cloud solutions.

Consultancy on developing solutions and software in the field of Smart Cities

Whatever the type of product/service the IT&C companies from the Cluster provide, they are all familiar and work extensively with development methodologies such as: classic Waterfall, RUP, Agile, UML, according to the requirements set by the customer or by internal standards.

All companies have a vast experience with delivery of software products from product definition (requirements delineation, competitive analysis, evaluation of relevant case studies) to technology strategy (evaluation & recommendation of strategy, technology solutions and actual development of product architecture) and end-to-end work (design, implementation, quality engineering, systems engineering, deployment).

Though a certain specialisation is imminent within Cluster companies, by joining expertise, skills and knowledge, we are able, as a Cluster, to deliver a wide range of products: Custom apps development (JAVA application development | Social media apps | Mobile apps development & integration | Web-based applications | Embedded applications | Application installers | Desktop applications | Server applications), Scalable and high traffic portals, Automated/manual testing services as part of the product development process or independent testing services covering functionality, performance, security, usability; Browsers & MSOffice Add-ins; Database management solutions; Database design and optimization; Data Security solutions, Customized search solutions and delivering search add-ons; E-commerce add-ons; Customized browser extensions; Extension of mobile applications from desktop counterparts; Apps promotion cross media.

Technical & interpersonal skills training

  • We provide training for software developers covering topics from development methodologies, database fundamentals to specific courses – Linux, Java Basic, JBoss – to software testing;
  • We organize courses for students and young professionals in architecture and engineering who need to learn to work with specific design software such as Allplan Architecture and Allplan Engineering;
  • We encourage IT&C professionals to enhance their interpersonal skills by providing courses on leadership by using 1:1 Leadership coaching, Leadership Theories, Emotional Intelligence, Motivation, Persuasion, ConflIT&C Management;
  • To make sure that IT&C professionals deliver good results not individually, but also by working together smoothly and meaningfully, we can provide trainings on increasing team cohesion & performance (Human Synergistics GSI-based training), usually followed by team coaching.