“Different City – Smart City”

The 1st International Conference and Exhibition 2016


 The 1st International Conference and Exhibition 2016, “Different  City – Smart City”, organized by Different Angle Cluster under the  auspices of The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in  Romania and Bucharest District 3 City Hall, took place on the 3rd and  4th November 2016.

The conference brought together more than 150 participants, leaders and decision makers, smart city solutions providers, companies of public utilities, academia and smart city experts, from 11 different countries, in a dialogue that highlights main aspects related to the “Smart city” concept.

The event was held over two days and included: conference, exhibition and networking event.

See more info on the conference website http://www.differentsmartcity.com/

The 2nd edition of the event will be announced soon.

The Project ,,In Focus – Smart Specialisation Strategy At City Level“

Different Angle Cluster collaborates with Bucharest District 3 City Hall for the project ,,In Focus – Smart Specialisation Strategy At City Level“.

infocus_logo_4The “InFocus” project is in the implementation stage since June 2016 and has an implementation period of two years, until May 2018. The objective of Bucharest District 3 City Hall in this project is to produce a Local Action Plan in the field of economic development based on research, development and innovation, applying the URBACT method.

Within the framework of the URBACT programme, InFocus is a pioneering transnational network aimed at boosting the urban/metropolitan agenda on economic development by means of smart specialisation as overarching approach, while at the same time articulating better with RIS3 at regional level.

Led by the city of Bilbao, InFocus is also joined by Bielsko-Biala, Bordeaux, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Grenoble, Ostrava, Plasencia, Porto and Torino.

The InFocus agenda is also supported by the Smart Specialisation Platform created by the European Commission and placed at the Joint Research Centre.

The Project “Competence Centre for Space Technologies (ASTRES)”

ASTRES is a centre dedicated to scientific research and technological development in the field of Planetary Sciences, which will be founded by 5 partner entities: 2 academic institutions (Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy (AIRA), and The Geodynamics Institute “Sabba S. Stefanescu” of the Romanian Academy (IGRA)), two university institutions (Geodesy College – Technical University of Civil Engeenering Bucharest (FG-TUCEB), and Land Reclamation and Environmental Engeenering College – University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest (UASVMB)) and Different Angle Cluster (DAC).

The project will be financed through the Research Development and Innovation for Space Technology and Advanced Research Program – STAR (2016), with the support of ESA/ROSA (The European Space Agency and Romanian Space Agency).

Gemini Solutions – Gemini Solutions Foundry

What Gemini Foundry does is to look for globally scalable businesses that may present an interest to Silicon Valley investors and to:

  • Find the best teams with the best IT ideas, targeting mainly US markets;
  • Help them refine their startup initiatives and mentor them;
  • Provide the infrastructure they need;
  • Connect them to angel and institutional venture capital sources from Silicon Valley.

Gemini Foundry offers:

  • Technical mentorship and support;
  • Business and strategic guidance;
  • Legal and Accounting support, office location in a professional environment;
  • Exposure of the business to potential investment institutions;
  • Exposure of the business to the global market.

In order to help IT entrepreneurs in Romania, Gemini Foundry Inc, a genuine business accelerator programme, has organized 3 annual events – the Foundry Conferences – in their search for lucrative ideas and promising businesses. Foreign entrepreneurs and investors, working with leading, competitive companies from abroad,  have been called as special guests not only to analyze the Romanian IT market, but also to choose the best propositions and transform them into lucrative businesses.

foundry3 foundry2 foundry1foundry4

For more on Gemini Foundry, please access: http://gemsfoundry.com

eSolutions Grup – RUPIO  

In today’s world, retailers face a number of profound challenges. Markets are changing faster than ever, competition increases, sales channels are shifting, and consumer’s consistently expect better service and quality. Consequently, pricing has become highly complex.

What retailers need is a sophisticated consumer price optimization (CPO) strategy. The introduction of a well-suited CPO-tool allows for a higher degree of automation, more flexibility and increased transparency. Hence, a well-defined CPO leads to more customer satisfaction and lower costs.

eSolutions has developed a pricing tool called RUPIO which supports your CPO-process in an optimal way. RUPIO relies on a powerful, free configurable rules-engine. Thereby, RUPIO is able to set prices for a random number of products fast, automated and at low costs. Rights and role management, multitenancy and a supervisor function ensure a high degree of security and transparency. Cutting-edge technologies guarantee usability, high flexibility, and easy integration into existing system environments. As a result, RUPIO helps you to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Some of RUPIO`s key features:

  • Powerful, free configurable rules-engine;
  • Pricing based on individually defined rules;
  • Customizable to match any pricing process;
  • Comprehensive `what-if` simulations;
  • High degree of automation and flexibility;
  • Rights and role management;
  • Easy and rapid integration into existing systems.

eSolutions can also offer complementary tools that support the competitor price collection mechanism, such as web crawlers (get prices from competitor`s online shops) or bar-code scanner application for price collection.

For more technical information on this programme, please access: www.esolutions.ro/rupio

Power Net Consulting – Seminars: “Security in Electronic Services in private cloud” and „Innovations in government through cloud solutions”

In order to support the activity of its clients, Power Net Consulting regularly organizes events that question and bring solutions to current topics in IT&C field. The recent events, set up on 2014, consisted of two seminars whose central topic was Cloud both from the point of its implicit security and its relevance to the public sector organizations.

With partners such as Huawei, Symantec, Oracle and CA Technologies, Power Net has always tried to provide answers to the challenges that public service is confronted with nowadays, to explore solutions that must be considered when a Cloud approach is desired and also the manner in which security risks should be properly approached.

During the seminars, speakers have tried not only to illustrate recurrent security topics from a theoretical point of view or Cloud practices in the public sector companies, but also concrete case studies that would avert the user against potential problems such as the recent incidents: „Red October” and „Mini Duke” from Romania.

„We genuinely wish to help our clients, by informing them on the latest technologies and most innovative solutions that can be implemented, in order to secure the modern IT&C environment or to consolidate and protect their data”, declared Eduard Dimitriev – Grădinescu, General Manager, Power Net Consulting.


Evolva Trend Consultant – European funding projects consultancy

Evolva Trend Consultant has set as a goal to contribute through the work it performs to contribute to a bigger absorbtion rate of grants by supporting development at regional level of public and private sectors and improving the overall business environment by offering professional consulting services.

Our portfolio of projects developed or implemented successfully and the customers gathered during our activity, demonstrates the extent to which our goal has been achieved. Below you can retrieve a short selection of them.

Evolva Trend Consultant Projects

Rezolv IT – IT Single Point of Contact

Single point of contact is a service that takes the full responsibility of the client to identify and contract new IT&C suppliers . Therefore, you always get the guarantee of best choice for obtaining prices, quality products and services . But we also take over the discussions to other suppliers (whether partners of RezolvIT , whether chosen by you ) and thus have a single contact number for all IT&C services.

How it works?

Following your request , our specialists in negotiating identify the market, the most advantageous offer in terms of quality / price ratio. If the supplier is not already found in our list of partners, our company will establish the terms and conditions for contracting it. Our specialists will continuously monitor the quality of service to meet established quality level in the contract.

This saves time and money, by not needing to identify new suppliers and wear endless discussions with them and search the responsible for issues that affected your work in any way. We have partnerships with many reliable suppliers of IT&C from which we can offer preferential prices for a wide range of products and services.


Nobody knows better than you how difficult it is to manage a business. It is not enough just to do what you know best or sell services and products you offer , there are a lot of administrative things that need to follow. If to this we add all providers that need to be keep in touch ( phone , internet , web hosting, application development , troubleshooting hardware / software and many others ) , just to negotiate the contract with them will consume more time , what to say if every 3/6 months you search at least 3 other competitive solutions, to ensure that further work with the best provider for your company.

Most often these evaluations not happen due to lack of time. It is understandable that you use all the time to do something useful and profitable for the company. However , from time to time, heard from a friend of a internet offer at half the price you pay and twice your capacity, or a more advantageous offer mobile contract. Perhaps only then will put the issue to replace the provider.

We do not know all of them , and certainly don`t do everything . But what we know is the IT market, equipments, software and communications services. What we can do is to mediate the relationship between you and them.

Rather than wasting time analysing offers, we can do this for your company. We do that professionally and we are up to date with the latest services, available technologies and with the best deals and best prices . Why not do it for you?

For technical details ,  Rezolv IT – IT Single Point of Contact