eSolutions Grup – RUPIO


In today’s world, retailers face a number of profound challenges. Markets are changing faster than ever, competition increases, sales channels are shifting, and consumer’s consistently expect better service and quality. Consequently, pricing has become highly complex.

What retailers need is a sophisticated consumer price optimization (CPO) strategy. The introduction of a well-suited CPO-tool allows for a higher degree of automation, more flexibility and increased transparency. Hence, a well-defined CPO leads to more customer satisfaction and lower costs.

eSolutions has developed a pricing tool called RUPIO which supports your CPO-process in an optimal way. RUPIO relies on a powerful, free configurable rules-engine. Thereby, RUPIO is able to set prices for a random number of products fast, automated and at low costs. Rights and role management, multitenancy and a supervisor function ensure a high degree of security and transparency. Cutting-edge technologies guarantee usability, high flexibility, and easy integration into existing system environments. As a result, RUPIO helps you to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Some of RUPIO`s key features:

  • Powerful, free configurable rules-engine;
  • Pricing based on individually defined rules;
  • Customizable to match any pricing process;
  • Comprehensive `what-if` simulations;
  • High degree of automation and flexibility;
  • Rights and role management;
  • Easy and rapid integration into existing systems.

eSolutions can also offer complementary tools that support the competitor price collection mechanism, such as web crawlers (get prices from competitor`s online shops) or bar-code scanner application for price collection.

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