Gemini Solutions Foundry


What Gemini Foundry does is to look for globally scalable businesses that may present an interest to Silicon Valley investors and to:

  • Find the best teams with the best IT ideas, targeting mainly US markets
  • Help them refine their startup initiatives and mentor them
  • Provide the infrastructure they need
  • Connect them to angel and institutional venture capital sources from Silicon Valley

Gemini Foundry offers:

  • Technical mentorship and support
  • Business and strategic guidance
  • Legal and Accounting support, office location in a professional environment
  • Exposure of the business to potential investment institutions
  • Exposure of the business to the global market

In order to help IT entrepreneurs in Romania, Gemini Foundry Inc, a genuine business accelerator programme, has organized 3 annual events – the Foundry Conferences – in their search for lucrative ideas and promising businesses. Foreign entrepreneurs and investors, working with leading, competitive companies from abroad,  have been called as special guests not only to analyze the Romanian IT market, but also to choose the best propositions and transform them into lucrative businesses.