Rezolv IT – IT Single Point of Contact


Rezolv IT – IT Single Point of Contact

Single point of contact is a service that takes the full responsibility of a client to identify and contract new IT&C suppliers . Therefore, you always benefit from the highest quality products and services at the lowest price. But we also assume your partnerships with other IT suppliers (whether they are partners with RezolvIT , or they are chosen by you ) and thus you have a single contact number for all your IT&C services.

How it works?

Following your request, our specialists in negociation identify the most advantageous offer in terms of quality / price ratio on the market. If the supplier is not already found on our list of partners, our company will establish the terms and conditions for contracting it. Our specialists will continuously monitor the quality of service to meet the established quality level in the contract.

This saves time and money, by not needing to identify new suppliers and wear endless discussions with them and search the responsible for issues that affected your work in any way. We have partnerships with many reliable suppliers of IT&C from which we can offer preferential prices for a wide range of products and services.


Nobody knows better than you how difficult it is to manage a business. It is not enough just to do what you know best, like sell services and products you offer; there are a lot of administrative problems that you must confrunt. If we add to this all the IT&C providers that you need to keep in touch ( phone , internet , web hosting, application development , troubleshooting hardware / software and many others ) , just to negotiate the contract with them will consume much of your time .Furthermore, if every 3/6 months you would search for at least 3 other competitive solutions for every service, your time will drastically diminish.

Most often these evaluations do not happen due to lack of time. It is understandable that you use all this time to do something useful and profitable for the company. However, from time to time, you hear from a friend of an internet offer at half the price you pay and twice your current capacity, or a more advantageous mobile contract offer. Perhaps only then you will consider to replace the provider.

We do not know all of them, and certainly we do not do everything . But what we know is the IT market, equipment, software and communication services. What we can do is to mediate the relationship between you and them.

Rather than wasting time analyzing provider’s offers, we can do this for your company. We do that professionally and we are up to date with the latest services, available technologies and with the best deals. Why not do it for you?

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