The User Experience Breakthrough to Clean the World


The User Experience Breakthrough to Clean the World

The Let’s Do It! World organization came to us to build a mobile platform that allows people anywhere on the globe to report trash. They are on a mission to transform the environment we live in by asking people worldwide to join a series of local, national and regional cleanup events, as well as the World Cleanup Day, on Sep 15th, 2018.
Building a mobile app that works in any location in the world requires great scalability and availability. We had to create a solution that works perfectly in conditions of high traffic, especially around big events such as World Cleanup 2018.
We created the “World Cleanup” waste mapping app – allowing users to report a trash point at no more than 100m from it, which means the high accuracy of data. After user testing sessions and surveys, we managed to improve the user experience by making it simpler and more intuitive.
In just three steps, users can report trash: they take a photo of the waste, then select the trash type and create the trash point. Once the photo is taken, the app automatically registers the location. People also may add details about the trash point: quantity, branded rubbish, add more photos.
“User testing helped us simplify the flow and improve the understanding of the symbols on the map. We’re excited to see the global impact of our design thinking”, explains Stefan Chitu, UX Competency Lead.
QUALITANCE also built a web platform for the Let’s Do It! World volunteers. They can manage their work easier and effectively coordinate the areas that need to be cleaned.
“QUALITANCE took the time to study our values – Cooperation. Positivity. Ambition to Action – hence making a good base for a good development project. The process was challenging regarding time frame and high expectations, still they found solutions to the obstacles that occurred”, said Kristiina Kerge, Product Owner Let’s Do It! World.
The mobile app can be downloaded both from App Store and Google Play, in 180 countries from around the globe. In just a few seconds, anyone can report a trash point. Then, the LDIW volunteers get together on local cleanup actions and clean the environment.